Monday, April 29, 2013

A Day

Today is just a day. Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing new, nothing to make it special.

It's just a day.

After last week, I welcome just an ordinary day. Last week was full of evaluations and blood work and stress. It was full of strained conversations and headaches and, to be frank, PMS level overemotional meltdowns. There was an incident where I literally cried over a browned pizza. Not burnt, just a bit more brown than I like it. Yeah.

Today has been simple. Get up, take Rascal to school, come back and eat breakfast with the other 2 littles.  I clean, and despite the futility of it, I feel accomplished. Vlad naps, Diva Girl drives me crazy. I relieve my cramps with chocolate and Pinterest. 

I'm the kind of girl who loves to get out of the house. I love meeting a friend for coffee or taking one of the kids somewhere or, my favorite, Mom's Night Out. In fact, my weekend included an evening event that kept me out until almost 1am and involved dancing. I may have briefly wore a blue wig and ate my weight in blue colored candies. It was glorious. 

So, I tend to pack out my days. That isn't hard to do because I very often HAVE to do a lot. But after a week like last week? Today, I treasure some peaceful moments at home. I smile at Vlad happy flapping as Kaa from The Jungle Book hypnotizes Mowgli. I laugh at Rascal as he uses the mountain of laundry to create a slide from the couch to the floor. I roll my eyes as Diva Girl tries to convince me to give her yet another pack of fruit snacks. 

There was still a To Do list of emails and calls (my recent irritation with Diva Girl probably has something to do with a medication change, and I was desperately calling her pediatrician to get a prescription called in!) But overall, today is a simple day. I could use a little simple in my life right now.

I'm sure tomorrow I will be itching to get out of the house. But today? This couch is plenty comfy and my kids are especially cuddly, and that's good enough for me.

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