Monday, February 25, 2013

We Can Fly!

I did it! I pulled off a fabulous 3 kid birthday party! And I finally recovered enough to show it off!

I'm not normally the kind of mom who does the big, themed party. I'm more of the mom who invites some people over, throws some chips into a bowl, and calls it a day. But this year I felt like I owed the kids a decent shindig. I mean, last year I ruined Diva Girl's birthday by giving birth to Vlad (NOT her idea of a good birthday present, by the way) and the year before they were sick for their birthday party. 

When you have 3 kids and only 2 birthday dates only a couple of weeks apart, you automatically know that you are going to milk the joint-party for as long as humanly possible. But what kind of party could appeal to a one year old boy, a three year old boy, and a six year old girl? That's when I had a flash of brilliance...a Peter Pan Party. It has fairies and pirates and is just a perfect mix of boy/girl wonder! So I began to scour the internet for ideas.

In the end, I think you could safely say that I had a Pinterest Peter Pan Party. 

Here are pictures, along with links to where I got ideas from. Enjoy!

I set up the table by the door with all of the amazing peter pan hats that my fabulous mom whipped up. Thank you Sew in Harmony for this tutorial!

Also on that table I set up a "Wonderful Thought" station, where party guests left scribbles, notes, and general happy thoughts for the kids for us to treasure forever. They were wonderful to read later. 

I basically found these wonderful Peter Pan themed pictures on Pinterest, printed them out, and put them in frames from the dollar store. It's a great way to do cheap decor that doesn't look cheap!

Speaking of decor, how amazing are these banners? I found something similar once while browsing etsy and brought the idea to my Mom. They are made from a Peter Pan book, some scrapbooking paper, and ribbon, and I love them so much that one is taking up permanent residence in the kids' room.

I set up a few stations for the kids. One was "Pixie Hollow" and had coloring pages printed off from this Disney site. The other was "Pirate Cove" and had some dress up clothes and temporary tattoos...because every pirate gets a free tattoo when they sign up with the crew!

The boys were made Peter Pan outfits (again, courtesy of my amazing Mom) inspired by the Make it & Love it tutorial here. They were ADORABLE, if I do say so myself.

Diva Girl wore a Tinkerbell costume (go ahead, guess who made it), minus wings, plus a little bit of attitude.

Peter Pan had just come out of The Vault and we got it a couple of days before the party. Having the movie playing enabled my kiddos to enjoy the party instead of being completely overwhelmed by the amount of people that came. And trust me, I was overwhelmed myself. So many people love these little goobers!

Of course, a party isn't a party without the food! Especially cupcakes! Guess who had his first cupcake...

Ok, I know I should stop now. But here are some pictures I just couldn't leave out!

Thank you to everyone who came (there were lovely people there, but since I do not have permission to post their pictures, you're stuck looking at just my cute kids)! And a BIG thank you to my lovely friend, L, who let us use her beautiful home. You all made this day wonderful, and well worth all the work.

But next year? Back to my old party routine. 

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  1. HOLY COW!!!!! That was an awesome party! I kept singing 'We can fly' the entire time in my head (helps thats one of my top five favs!). Also your mom does an absolutely fab job on crafting! My favorit part is the picture with Wendy, John, and Michael on the food bar (it's like it was meant to be for your kiddos!)