Thursday, May 8, 2014

Spring has sprung

I haven't had a computer for a while, so I have been completely out of the blog writting loop. But a dear friend requested a post, so here I am, typing with my thumbs on the tiny screen of my phone. In other words, no commenting on all of the mistakes that are bound to riddle this post.

Spring is here in all of its green glory. I think the kids and I are spring people. I'm not exactly an outdoor girl. I admire nature until I have to be out in it and am faced with the reality of bugs and itchy grass. But there is something about spring that makes even me want to be outside.

Spring is lush and green and brings the feeling of promise with it. I know the new year is when people tend to make their resolutions and look hopefully into the future, but I find myself doing that on a lovely spring afternoon. This is when I resolve to eat more fruits and veggies (a resolution that never quite sticks) and spend less time on my phone. Spring awakens my optimism and stirs up hope. Sitting on my patio, in the shade of five big beautiful trees, with the breeze rustling through the leaves and listening to the sound of birds chirping and children can I be anything less than optimistic?

The kids play outside for hours a day. They run and dig and collect branches to swing around alarmingly. They eat outside and play outside and don't even seem to notice that they are surviving just fine on less Disney. There is chase and ball to be played. There are heaps of pebbles to run their fingers through. There is a hammock to swing on. They are happy. I see Rascal close his eyes and lift his face up as a breeze sweeps over the yard and I know he is like his mama. He is a child with spring in his heart.

All too soon the days will grow far too warm for my taste and these beautiful spring days will turn into hot mosquito filled agony for me. So for now I'm treasuring these beautiful days and hoping they stretch out as long as possible. Our first spring with our house and our yard, and the promise of many years to come. Happy spring, my babies.


  1. So glad you found your home - and a way for your babies to be automatically outside vs. on screens...any tips??!!! I mean, for us it feels sometimes like as much as we love the wonders of nature my guys are biding their time to be on the ds...Which I do limit, but still...
    THANKS and wishing you continued spring bliss,

  2. I just happened to stumble onto your blog I do not have special needs children however I applaud your bravery to live your true meaning and to stick to what you know your truth is. Keep it up! You have a new follower :-)