Thursday, February 27, 2014


Oh, how I've missed writing. I've missed talking into space and occasionally hearing something back. I feel a bit like this safe space got jerked away from me, but today when I thought about it I realized that it is only because I let it be.


Today I have a bit of a rant. A rant against a word I hear, time and again, that drives me crazy.

You hear it in speeches, you hear it when people talk of their admiration of someone. "So and so has worked tirelessly..."

We need to retire this word.

No one is tireless. No one. No autism parent works tirelessly against the maddening and frustrating systems of healthcare and schools. No advocate works tirelessly to stand up and speak out. The progress makers and law changers and life embracers all get tired. They aren't some special brand of better human.

The word has been used to describe me before. Though the person meant it as a compliment and a testament to my hard work and dedication to my felt like a ton of pressure. I felt put on a pedestal that I knew I would come crashing down from in only a matter of time. What would happen when I did get tired?

What I've found out is that we all get tired. We all need a support system and a pat on the back. We all need people to vent to and cry to (and people who will kick us in the butt when we need it.) We need to know we can get tired and it is okay.

Let's work tiredly instead. Working tiredly means that it is hard, and you want to give up, but you keep going (and by keep going, I mean that sometimes you stop for a good cry and a nap and ignore the issue entirely for a little while until you are ready to deal with it again.) Yawning all the way. Yeah, working tiredly is more my speed. And I have a feeling, if you're reading my blog, that it is more your speed too.

Today is my break. I'm healing from sickness and I'm in need of a little heart and soul work. So I took a luxuriously long shower and primped to my heart's content. I spent at least ten minutes trying to get a perfectly winged eyeliner look. I'm ignoring the dishes in the sink and the laundry in the basket. I'm getting a few extra kids cuddles. I'm prettying my body and my soul today. Because I got tired, and it is okay to admit that. Tomorrow is a new day and I will tackle it when it gets here...but today belongs to the repair of the weary.

Keep on keepin on, friends.

My eyeliner game is on point today. Just in case you didn't notice.

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