Friday, October 25, 2013

My Birthday Wishes

Today is my birthday. I am another year older, and I can only hope a little bit wiser. And usually, I take this time to reflect on the last year of my life.

Today? I'd rather not.

Today, I'm looking forward.

I am 28 years old today. To many, that may sound so very does to me, too. I don't feel 28. I feel much, much older most days. I've crammed a lot of big life things in 28 years. And let's be honest, having three kids on the autism spectrum makes you age in dog years.

But there is a lot I haven't done. Yet.

You know how people have bucket lists? I think today I will start a "By Thirty" list. Who knows when it'll be time to kick the bucket, so why not cram more life into short amounts of time??

So far, here is what I've got (that I'm willing to share publicly, that is....)

-I am going to have a successful business. I've been puttering around, letting life and anxiety get in the way of something I really do love to do. Time to step it up.

-I am going to travel. I want to revisit the many U.S. cities that I briefly stayed in when I was a competitive dancer, often only seeing the insides of hotel rooms and banquet halls. Washington D.C., Chicago, Austin, New Orleans. Want to jump up to Canada and revisit Toronto. Then I wouldn't mind hopping over the pond....but that may not happen in the next two years, so I'll leave that dream alone for now. May need to do better at the first item on my list for that...

-Getting a tattoo. For real this time.

-I want one major adrenaline rush. Like, jumping out of a plane.

-I am going to start a major project and see it through. I am the queen of unfinished. Time to finish something.

-Can you believe I have never, ever just danced the night away? Whether it be at a friend's wedding or a salsa club (HA!), I want to know what it's like to just dance until I can't anymore.

- I remember pre-kids, I loved heels. I want to buy a pair of ridiculous shoes with to-die-for heels and rock them.

-I want to, at least once, walk out of an IEP meeting and know that I did a great job for my kids. This one may be more of a fantasy, but oh well, dream big.

So, not a huge list. Think I'm being fairly realistic. I'm looking forward to the next few years...may they be filled with happiness and new discoveries and love and friendship. Hope you are all a part of it.

Ok...we can look back just a little. I was ADORABLE!


  1. You have a friend in New Orleans who will willingly dance the night away with you, girl. Happy Birthday.

    1. Oh, now THAT sounds like a good time! May have to take you up on that someday :)