Monday, September 30, 2013

Things I Learn: Field Trip Edition

Today I went on my first public school field trip as a parent. Here is what I learned:

- Calling a friend "Miss Pee Pee" is hilarious, but "Miss Poo Poo" is an insult.

- Kids cheer for all kinds of stuff. Pass a house with cool Halloween decor? YAAAAAY! See a cow? YAAAAAAY! Arrive or leave anyplace? YAAAAAAAAAY!

- Six year olds think I can pass for Diva Girl's older sister.

- Dive Girl rarely eats things that I send for lunch and that she typically adores at home.

-Pumpkin picking is serious business.

-Cows like eating pumpkins.

-Typical children never stop talking. Or asking questions.

- Parents are free to completely ignore the "NO SIBLINGS ALLOWED!!!!!" that was on every bit of field trip info sent home. Or so it seemed.

- Diva Girl's aide is awesome. So is her regular education teacher. We totally lucked out.

- Even Kindergarten kids can tell when you have about zero authority.

- Your appearance is fair game for a discussion topic among a group of kids, right as though you weren't standing there.

-I was not meant to have typical children. Truly, I have no patience for them. So much talking you guys...and they always expect answers! That's just weird.

- My girl has friends. Friends. I cannot even describe how that feels. To hear another child say "Mama, this is Diva Girl and she is my good friend, we play on the playground together!" Words I will never forget.

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  1. The friends part is THE BEST!!!! I love it, can I ask where she goes to school? Just out of curiosity for all the future children leaving my care.