Monday, July 15, 2013

Change Looms

In the next couple of weeks, my life will completely change.

Two weeks from today, we move into a new home. Three days later, Diva Girl starts Kindergarten and Rascal starts Preschool, in a completely new school. Eighteen days after that, Vlad starts attending an autism therapy center.

There will be so much newness. New therapists, new furniture, new clothes, new schedules, new routines. And as much as I love all of these new things, as good as these changes are- it's a LOT to handle. I fare only slightly better than my kids on adjusting to change.

Will there be meltdowns? You bet. Will there be anxiety? Already there. But I keep reminding myself that before we know it, we will be settled. Settled into our new home, with space and a yard. A yard. Our days of 2 bedroom apartment living will be over! The kids will be settled into a new school, a school with a spectacular reputation, a school that I hope and pray they love.

The best part of it all? I will have three hours, Monday through Thursday, without kids. Which I will absolutely need, since the moment I pick up Vlad, life will become absolutely insane. Between the three of them, there are 6 hours of speech, 4 hours of OT, 7 hours of behavior therapy, and other random appointments every week. How we will find the time, outside of school, I have no idea. But those three hours? They are mine. I can nap. Clean my awesome new home. Work my business (yes, I have a business on top of all this.) Have coffee with a friend. Talk to my husband without interruption from tiny people, before midnight. My mind is spinning with all of the possibilities!

So yes, lots of change is on the horizon. And while I don't love going through it, and I'm sure my kids won't either, I know that change is good. I just have to take a deep breath and brace myself.

3 hours a day. Light at the end of the tunnel.

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