Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Just Us

Today is day three. Not that I'm counting.
Three days of Mama and Kiddos, no Husband in sight.

Well, we're all still alive, so that counts for something, right?

So what if I am even MORE sleep deprived than usual? So what if I just yelled "USE YOUR WOOOOOOOORDS!" at Diva Girl? So what if Rascal has been back in pull ups since yesterday? So what if they've been eating a steady diet of chicken nuggets and oatmeal cream pies? (Oatmeal- that makes it healthy, right??)

We are surviving. And for that, I totally deserve a medal.

Yes, we've had friends helping. Amazing, wonderful, life saving friends. They have watched, played with, and fed my children. They have come over at 10:30 at night so I could run out and grab a prescription. They have ensured that I am fed and caffeinated. This is why I say it takes a village to raise my children. Because it does.

But even with that village at my disposal, it doesn't quite replace my partner-in-crime. I feel lonely. There is no one to talk to. No one to show the stupid things I find on facebook. No one to talk into bathing the kids so I don't get soaked. No one to bounce ideas off of when one of the kids start doing something new and insane.

How on earth do other women do this all of the time??

When I thought about these two weeks without The Husband, I thought it would be hard. I knew that dealing with the kids would be tough. I knew that nights would be miserable. I knew that I would feel a bit trapped in the house. But to be honest, all of that has gone much more smoothly than I thought it would. What I didn't expect was to miss him so much anyways.

I'm not cut out to be alone in this world. And I am so very glad that I don't have to be. Sometimes I think we tend to take community for granted. So many of us walk around this planet feeling like we're in it alone. We're not. From my virtual world to my day to day life, I have others helping me in little ways and big. I have fellow Autism Moms from all over, making me laugh and cry and relating to me in ways that no one else can. I have my church family, praying for me and stepping up beside me. I have my best friends, listening to my whining, treating me to sushi and coffee. And The Husband. Who drives me crazy and who I drive crazy and we love each other anyways.

So, here's to surviving a few more days. To friends who bring me coffee so I can make it through a few more horus. To The Husband, whose return I await with bated breath. And to the kids who are impressing me as well as driving me insane. Here is to sleep, however we can get it. And to junk food, quick showers, and Disney movies.

Here's to us!


  1. I only have two and I haven't experienced that kind of time without my husband. Just one day feels like a slow descent into madness. Sounds like you have some awesome friends!!! Take it one moment at a time..anything more and that leads strait to panic my friend!

    1. Yes, I have some absolutely amazing friends! I am a blessed lady. Definitely trying to take it as it comes...just thinking about tomorrow has me a bit panicked. We don't have any activities planned, what will I doooooo?!?!

  2. awe! great post!!!! I am married, but with a hubs with severe health issues, I am often parenting alone.... but i do have moral support, and when he is in the hospital, it is very lonely not to have that here....I totally feel ya on this :)