Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's About Them

In case I've given you the wrong impression about how highly others think of me, I want to clarify my last post (Read: The Help)

It isn't about me. People don't do all this fabulous stuff for my family because I am awesome (though, on a good day, I totally am.) They do it because they love my kids. Because my kids are completely and entirely lovable. And hugable. And adorable. I mean....

That is some serious cute. People volunteer to take the kids for an afternoon because, for the most part, my kids are a delight to be around. They are bright, affectionate children. They challenge everyone they are around, they inspire people to be a better version of themselves. My friends love getting to marvel at their growth and getting to witness their progress firsthand. So yeah, people want to feed them and care for them and help me be a good mom to them. It's instinct to want to take care of those you love.

Me? I'm nothing special. But them? Oh, they are special, so very special. In more ways than you could possibly believe.

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