Friday, January 25, 2013

A Change

A new beginning! I decided to move on over to this new spot. I've made some changes to make my blogging a bit safer for the family. Call it paranoia, but I was getting enough traffic before that I'm no longer comfortable using the kids' real names, having my blog address be my full name, having information on where my kids spend their days. So I've decided to make a fresh start over here, though I will be importing my old posts here (after painstakingly swapping out names!)

In making this change, I am also hoping to keep this alive. Writing has proven to be very therapeutic for me and I've had a few friends tell me that reading it helps them to understand my kids and my life. Advocacy has become very important to me, and I see writing this stuff as a form of advocacy- making others aware of what the reality of life with autism looks like. At least, what it looks like from my perspective, since I'm really an outsider to the REAL world of autism. The world within my beautiful children, the secret that I hope they will one day be able to share with me.


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